Keywords Are Dangerous

I’m not kidding, keywords are really dangerous. Many website owners are too focused on their keywords and didn’t even hear about anchor text distribution. Even those who know about it, do not take it very seriously. But only those who do – actually manage to boost their rankings and maintain them.

Essential Difference Between Keywords and Anchor Texts
But before I explain why only those, who distribute the anchor text, achieve and maintain good rankings, I’d like you to notice the difference between the keyword and the anchor text.

Keyword – this is a word or a short phrase that is used by your clients in the search engines to find your website. The keywords are used during the on-page optimization and during analysis of traffic. The keyword phrases help to come up with anchor text for the backlinks. You can’t use only your keyword phrase while building or purchasing links, otherwise you risk to over-optimize your website and the link building campaign will not look natural to Google and it will be less effective in a long run. Learn how to choose keywords.

Anchor text – this is a word or a phrase that is used in the link. You provide the anchor text when you purchase the links. Anchor text doesn’t necessarily include the keyword. The anchor texts are created based on keywords, brand name, URLs of the website, calls to actions like “click here” or “visit this website”, names of products and related information. Learn how create the list of anchor texts that will make your link building campaign look natural to Google.

Don’t Use Keywords, Use Anchor Texts
The usage of keywords only looks very unnatural because:

Natural links don’t include only keywords
Natural links may include URL of your website
Natural links include other words like “visit website” or “click here”
Google increase rankings for your website only if it thinks that the links are created naturally. If Google doesn’t believe that the links are natural, then it simply doesn’t give any value to them, so they do not influence your rankings. If you want to get high rankings on Google for years, then build links using the given recommendations on anchor text distribution.

Create the list of anchor texts for your link building campaign now.

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